Reversing a lower court’s ruling, in DeMarco v. Stoddard the New Jersey Supreme Court held that the Rhode Island Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association (“RIJUA”) did not have to provide any defense or indemnification in a medical malpractice action to a doctor who made a material misrepresentation on his application for insurance. Plaintiff attempted to… Read More

The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania ruled Monday that Church Mutual Ins. Co.’s lawsuit against a public adjusting firm and licensed public adjuster may proceed for claims of negligent misrepresentation, fraud and civil conspiracy. Church Mutual’s claims for civil conspiracy against two attorneys also survived. The action arose from two… Read More

The New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division recently issued an opinion highlighting the challenges of establishing liability against a policyholder for violation of the Insurance Fraud Protection Act (“IFPA”). In Continental Cas. Co. v. Hochschild, the Court addressed alleged misrepresentations made by a recreational boat owner when applying for an insurance policy. These misrepresentations were… Read More