In an unpublished opinion, the Appellate Division of the New Jersey Superior Court found in favor a commercial tenant and against the landlord in an action that focused on the interpretation of the lease between the two parties to determine which party was responsible for maintenance and insurance of the common area sidewalk. In Senatore… Read More

A New Jersey Appellate Court ruled that a plaintiff’s lack of specificity as to what caused her bicycle accident did not support the trial court’s finding that the plaintiff presented no evidence of causation to support her negligence claim. In Walter v. California Avenue Ventures LLC, the Appellate Court reversed the trial court’s summary judgment… Read More

Under New Jersey law, commercial property owners have a duty to maintain the sidewalks abutting their properties and can be held liable for injuries occurring on those sidewalks. Residential landowners, on the other hand, do not have the same responsibilities and are immune from claims for personal injuries on residential sidewalks. In the 2011 case… Read More

​An intermediate New York appellate court has held that a landlord was not liable for a tenant’s fall from the building’s roof, as the fact that the roof was accessible from the roof did not render the plaintiff’s use of the roof foreseeable. Feuerherm v.Grodinsky concerned an accident that occurred at a seven-unit apartment. The… Read More