In Kotsovska v. Liebman, the New Jersey Supreme Court grappled with the question of whether the doctrine of primary jurisdiction deprives the Superior Court of jurisdiction under the Workers’ Compensation Act (“WCA”) to determine a worker’s employment status in cases where the defendant raises the exclusive remedy provision of the WCA as an affirmative defense… Read More

A federal magistrate judge has awarded Cornell University nearly $125,000 in costs following an unsuccessful action by an injured student. In Duschesneau v. Cornell University, the student sought over $75 million from Cornell following an injury while participating a campus gymnastics club, which rendered the student a quadriplegic. The action was based upon the contention… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving from Clark & Fox. We appreciate our clients’ business and we look forward to the holiday season.… Read More

The 2014-15 winter season has already made its presence felt in much of the United States. The Eastern United States has recently been faced with temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below normal, while significant lake-effect snow has fallen in areas near the Great Lakes. Most notably, a week-long snow event dumped up to seven feet… Read More